This logo reveal was used in an overall generic graphics package. it was used to cap feature videos. I extruded the logo, fractured- then animated the fractures, lit and rendered in redshift.

designed for the NBA team matchups. a mixture of paper textures, flat lines, and 3d balls all combined to have a bright "collage" type of feel. I animated and designed all the 2d and 3d elements, and comped everything together. This was also designed to be versioned hundreds of times. to make the project efficient, I automated it through the essential graphics panel and converted the project into a .mogrt file for junior designers.

A video I designed to encourage customers to download the app. I tried to incorporate an arrow in all the animations in this video.

A betting offer video used on social media and web ads. I created a 3d mountain range in cinema 4d, and animated the camera move. In after effects I animated the text, comped the ambassador, snow, and fog into the scene.

This was one of several videos that offered to help betters understand different casino games. I designed everything here. Simulated the poker chips falling over the table, textured the poker table, animated all the text and cards.

This was one of several videos to help sports betters understand different betting types. I animated all the text, dot elements, and 3d phones. I Also rotoscoped the athletes for a flat- generic look. 

These were a few of the elements I created for our March Madness campaign. The idea was to show the basketball court but in a space that resembles "madness." Fully 3d build, simulated the basketballs, and worked with soft body dynamics.  

This is how the web advertisements looked. All designed by me.

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