"Astros After Dark" was a TV segment for late night broadcast of Astros Games. This Show opening design was fully 3d built in Cinema 4d. I was responsible for the entire creation. I modeled, textured, lit, animated, and composited in After effects.

Below was a design concept for the 2020 promotions campaign. This collaborative project among all the creative department   utilized paint, paper, and high quality canvas textures to make a splashy fun design concept.

This video was my design idea pitched to the creative team for the use of splashy paint logo reveals.

I was designated to design the network logo animation. All animated, comped, and textured by me.

"splashy" network logo animation. All animated, comped, and textured by me.

This is how one of the final promo edits turned out. my responsibility was the end logo animation.

I created this scene for the Mariners. This was apart of the opening sequence used before the games start. I was given the footage, from there I created this entire composition. Motion tracked, rotoscoped, 3d modeled, lit, textured, comped. 

VFX Layer breakdown of scene.

This is how the entire opening looked with my scene's contribution. (I had to later add the "t-mobile" sign in 3d)

Rockies double play was a show that aired 30 minutes before the Rockies next live game. I created the entire graphics package. I modeled, lit, textured, animated everything here.

An example of the entire graphics package

A commercial to promote the networks social media. this was a 2d design traveling through a 3d space. I animated and designed all of this. 

A graphic was requested to use in a live broadcast demonstrating a balls exit velocity. I rotoscoped a batter swinging, and animated the additional elements.

An example of how this looked during the broadcast.

I was tasked with making a scene for the game opening for the Utah Jazz. My only asset to work with was a flat image of a building. I wanted to add as much depth as possible to the scene. I separated all foreground, mid, and background elements, added artificial tree foliage, a sky, and video screen to insert game footage. I then positioned all the layers in a 3d space, and animated the camera through the environment. 

Here's how my scene fit within the full edit.

This was a design concept I wanted to implement for a promotions campaign. it was not used, but I enjoyed creating this dark 3d concept.

I designed this logo animation for the 2021 promotion campaign. The approach was to feature the feeling of a sports uniform as the main design environment. The above images where the style frames I designed in cinema 4d. The video is how the final look ended up. I simulated and textured the fabric backplate, animated the logo "sewing" effect in after effects, then uv mapped the animation on the fabric simulation. 

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